Message to Members and Biography

Dr. Sheba Mohammid has over 10 years experience in leadership roles in ICT and human development. She has managed the roll out of national digital inclusion interventions and served as ICT policy specialist for the government of Trinidad and Tobago. She has also maintained an active role in Internet Governance capacity building and trained participants from over 50 countries in IG issues. Her innovative work has challenged normative ideologies of digital media and development.

Dr. Mohammid has contributed to critical areas in internet studies through research on knowledge society and strategic roles in international projects such as director on the Global Social Media Impact Study. Her passion has been to purposefully use digital media as a tool in meaningful applications that improve quality of life for disenfranchised groups. She believes that a fundamental part of this lies in facilitating greater inclusion not only through the internet but also in shaping what the internet itself is and becomes.

With this goal she has not only been grateful to be an ISOC member and ISOC IGF Ambassador but also to serve with the Internet Society as a moderator and mentor for the Youth@ICT initiative where she helps expand outreach on global IG issues to key stakeholders especially young people.Her motivations are closely aligned with a shared belief with that fundamental premise of ISOC that the Internet is for everyone.  Her interest in serving in the local chapter of the Internet Society is thus rooted in an ambition to concretely foster sustainable participation in IG at the community level through an emphasis on education, capacity building and creating platforms for more diverse voices especially local young people.