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Take part in the Internet Society #ShapeTomorrow Campaign at WTDC 2017

Dear Members,

#WTDC2017 begins this Monday, October 9th. This is a key moment in our Shape Tomorrow campaign focused on reminding everyone, everywhere, that together we can shape a digital future that puts humanity at the heart of the Internet. WTDC is key a moment for this campaign – and we need your help.

Together we must carry the message that to close the digital divide we'll need new ways of working, new ways of thinking, and new policies support it all.

Much of what we are speaking on at WTDC serve as real-world examples of the kinds of things we need policy and decision makers to support – community networking being a key focus.

We will keep you up-to-date on what is happening and what we need to do next the conference.

Here's how you can help:

Take part in a Pre-Event Roundtable
On Sunday, October 8, 17:20 UTC (4:20 PM Argentina Local Time) Internet Society's Vice President, Global Engagement Raúl Echeberría will speak on the importance of community networks at a Pre-Event-Private Sector Roundtable on Partnering for the SDGs. www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Conferences/WTDC/WTDC17/Pages/Programme-PreEvents.aspx#ChildVerticalTab_13

Share Raul's Blog
Raul's wrote a critical blog to launch our WTDC message. Please share it across your channels.

"Every Connection Matters – Shape Tomorrow and Help Close Digital Divides."

· English: tinyurl.com/y9nlsyo5
· Spanish: tinyurl.com/y7sjbdej
· French: tinyurl.com/ybl5qu2g

Use your social media channels:
If you're on social we need your help! Please join us in reminding the world that together we can build a digital future that includes everyone, everywhere. Hashtags: #ShapeTomorrow #WTDC17

Other Resources:

· Shape Tomorrow campaign page: internetsociety.org/shapetomorrow/
· Report on the Future of the Internet: future.internetsociety.org/
· Internet Society's Background Paper on WTDC 2017: www.internetsociety.org/resources/doc/2017/wtdc-2017-background-paper/
· Internet Society's WTDC 2017 Page: www.internetsociety.org/events/wtdc-2017
· Internet Society's official contribution to WTDC: www.itu.int/md/D14-WTDC17-C-0048/en
· Pre Events Webcast www.itu.int/en/ITU-D/Conferences/WTDC/WTDC17/Pages/Programme-PreEvents.aspx
· Side Events Webcast www.itu.int/en/ITUD/Conferences/WTDC/WTDC17/Pages/SideEvents.aspx


Elizabeth Oluoch
Policy Advisor
Internet Society
Direct: +1 703 439 2138
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